I am very pleased to announce that we have a new contributing author, who will be doing a column called “Someone You Should Know”  To properly do the column, we needed someone who has his finger on the pulse of the paranormal community, who would know who the people are that deserve to be heard, and finding someone like that wouldn’t be easy.. but he came to us! Perfect!

Beginning in this issue I am pleased to present our newest writer, Tom Danhieser, Senior Producer of the hit radio show dealing with the paranormal as well as other mysterious things, Coast to Coast  AM starring George Noory. Welcome Tom!

Other great things are happening for us as well, the main one being the new Friday the 13th video game. Kane Hodder resumes the character of Jason Voorhees, for those who might not know this Kane has played him in four different films, beginning with Friday the 13th Part 7. I was lucky enough to be the Assistant Stunt Coordinator , and if you like action and horror, boy, is this the game for you! As many of you are aware Kane gets a little rambunctious when he is doing a project, as he totally gets into being that character, which really makes for a terrifying performance, and if you happen to be a victim, you will have bruises to show your grandchildren. It’s not one way either.. if you go after him in a fight scene you better not go easy, because Kane expects to take as well as dish it out. As for me, I was hit on the head with a plastic bucket, punched in the jaw, kicked in the stomach, and later in the back.. AND THAT WASN”T EVEN DURING FILMING!

Rick and Kane working on the Friday the 13th video game, Kane wearing the    Motion Capture suit.




John Schnieder and RA Mihailoff speaking about Smothered, a movie starring Kane, RA, and a ton of other horror icons.